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About Us

Full-Time Travel is more of a mindset than a mission. We know that your time is special and traversing the globe isn’t always top priority. But in the back of your mind you dream about your next adventure. Your travel experiences steal the spotlight of conversations. Whether it’s a far-flung safari in Sub-Saharan Africa or a weekend getaway to the shores of Montauk, we help bring your daily escape to life.

MISSION: Bringing inspiration and clarity to every traveler*

From classic favorites to up-and-coming finds, our goal is to unearth the best locations, activities, dining and shopping for your next trip. We bring to light what otherwise might be traveled past. So whether you’re actually a full-time traveler or just dreaming of free time, the journey is at the forefront of every Full-Time Traveler’s mind.

Launched on Instagram, Full-Time Travel is focused on serving what you need, where and when you need it.

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